Art by Erna Braun
Art by Erna Braun


I was born in Hungary, lived and
attended school in Europe and Canada.


Took drawing classes in High
School and participated in several contests.


My interest in flowers and nature
lead me to study floral art and design.


I followed my interest in Real
Estate to become an active agent for 20+ yrs.


Taking up Photography and studied
under award winning Artist E.K.Kaptein.


From 1994-1998 exploring abstract
art in mixed medium.


I continued my art exploration by
attending visual art courses in still
life and


Landscapes under the guidance
of famed 
artistic teachers.


I enjoy the ocean,music , arts and traveling and I’m always on the lookout


for interesting subjects to


Enjoy working with Oil, Acrylic
and Pastels.

This artwork is original pieces, All rights reserved.

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Hope Rose greeting Cards


Photography by Erna Braun c.2014


Each $4.50 or 3 cards for 1



HSC News





My 2 new patel Paintings


Autum Breeze


Gentle whispers


Misty Mountain Series


July Show at T.O.

Community Gallery

2331 Borchard Rd. N.P.


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Country Birdhouses Handcrafted by Bill Braun


From $ 69.95- -$ 29.95

With door for cleaout additional $5




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